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Electricity Payments

As per Nersa's requirements a Municipalities Electricity department must be ring-fenced and function as a separate business. This means the income and expenditure for electricity must be kept separate from the rest of the municipalities' revenue incomes. This allows for transparency and the electricity income and expenditure can be audited on its own.

For you as a conventional Customer To enable the above the municipality is now issuing two invoices. One for electricity, with its own separate bank account, another for the remaining services like water and sewerage, property rates, and other taxes. You have two payment options:

  1. Pay at Municipality: conventional customers can pay their account at a municipal office. You will need your account number for the cashier to locate the correct account and post the payment towards the accounts outstanding balance. You can pay using cash or card (Debit or Credit). (Please note that the municipality had separate card machines installed, at all our offices, dedicated for the electricity payments).

  2. Pay through EFT: conventional customers can pay their account using an EFT. You would need the Electricity Departments bank details as attached bellow. Make sure to use your account number (e.g. "MM######") as the reference number and remember to email the proof of payments to

The official Municipality Notice has been attached to this article as well as Standard Bank's proof of account for confirmation of the proper bank account details. If you have any questions please send us a mail at

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