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How to buy Prepaid Electricity online at no additional cost in just 3 simple steps.


The free Online Prepaid EFT vending services provided by EMS and powered by Netelek has been terminated by the Municipality and will be disabled on 29 September 2023. Please stop using the service.


Report an issue.

If you transferred to an account from the same bank as yours then you should receive your token via SMS with in two hours. Note that if you made your transfers after hours, over a weekend or to an account from a different bank as yours then your SMS may take up to 24 hours to arrive. Note the token is sent to the cell number used in your unique reference number.

If you have any questions regarding your token or the status of your payment please send us an email to:

Or contact the electricity call centre at:

Telephone: (014) 050-0261

Whatsapp: (067) 354-4281

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