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Welcome to Modimolle-Mokgophong Municipality

Limpopo's leading municipality in relaible service delivery and sustainable economic growth.

Developmental local government as prescribed by national legislation seeks to forge a partnership between government and the citizenry for effective service delivery Communication therefore becomes central to the work of local government, the sphere that is closest to the people.

The White Paper on Local Government states that “Integrated Development Plans are planning and strategic frameworks that serve as a basis for engagement between local government and the citizenry at the local level, various stakeholders and interest groups.  Participatory and accountable government only has meaning if it is related to concrete issues and plans, by serving as a basis for communication and interaction.”

The Modimolle-Mookgophong Local Municipality Integrated Development  calls for greater community involvement in decision-making and for the Council to take on a community leadership role.

The Council has committed itself to effective communication to fulfil these requirements and meet the information needs of the community  as stipulated by the Local Government Municipal Structure Act section  44 (3) (g)  states that “the executive committee in performing its duties must annually report on the involvement of communities and community organizations in the affairs of the municipality.”

Hon Mayor Sechele Sebolai